Exchange Resource Mailbox not sending auto decline for double booking.


Set Exchange resource mailbox to send auto decline for double booking.

This is a topic that always seems to come up from the helpdesk team , in this post i will configure a resource mailbox to auto decline when there is a double booking.

In this post i will use the Exchange Powershell to configure the resource mailbox to auto send decline messages.

To control who can schedule a resource, use the following parameters with the Set-CalendarProcessing cmdlet:

To get the current “Calendar Processing” details of the Mailbox run the following commands.

Let go ahead and set the CalendarProcessing to : AutoAccept

Now that we have set this , lets go ahead and look at some other examples as well.

This example allows all users to submit in-policy requests to the room mailbox Lazy Conference Room 01, but the request is still subject to approval by a delegate.

This example allows the Calendar Attendant to accept out-of-policy requests from Alan Brewer to the room mailbox Room222. The request is still subject to approval by a delegate.

This example allows a list of users to submit in-policy meeting requests to the equipment mailbox Car54.

This example rejects meeting requests from any user who isn’t a member of the Exchange organization.

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-CalendarProcessing.



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